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Linda C Smith

Hi Vernessa, I forgot about Columbo! Love that one as well as Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder. I like Lost too but only through season 3...once it got mushed up into time travel I lost interest.

Vernessa Taylor

Hi Linda,

First, the traffic report: Saw your post over at BizChickBlogs, found your story intriguing, and followed you here.

Ahhh, TV! I don't think I've ever seen anyone's Favorite TVs list that could pass for one I'd written myself! (I loved Star Trek and X-Files but none of the other Sci-Fi stuff.)

And like you, I love to watch TV on the internet simply because I can start/stop at will. Sometimes I'll have to stop because life or work calls, and won't return to a show until days (weeks!) later.

What would I add? The old Columbo. And that adult cartoon, King of the Hill. And . . . LOST! I've never seen about 3 of the seasons (saw the first and last few), so I'm looking forward to sitting down one day to begin to catch up to the end.

Ahh, TV! :)

Martha Marshall

Thanks for this lisst! I too love Body of Proof. We are recording the series. Dana Delaney is great in this role.


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