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Linda C Smith

Hi Peter, first, Happy Birthday! I also have a birthday around Christmas, mine is after. I read your 'About' page on your blog and sounds like you have much you want to do. Have you considered developing an app for the iPhone and iPad? Learn some code, apply to be an Apple app developer and build your own game. Ever thought of this? I hope you continue with your blog. I like what you said in your comment about maybe there's a difference between owning a business and being self-employed...I see myself as both: I'm an artist and an independent distributor of MonaVie [aiming to have an international business] and the internet makes that possible. I call it having a nano-sized business, being a solo-preneur. My goal with my art business is to sell my products [my art] and my goal with my MonaVie business is to help others find better health through the products and to have a business of their own. I "re-purposed" my business this new year by fixing my web presence - updating where necessary, focusing where necessary etc. Have a great New Year! - Linda

Peter Joseph

I think there is a different element between owning a business and being self-employed, and that decision could change how exactly you go about recharging for 2011.

Re-purpose might be a lot more useful to a business then it may be to a self-employed person, (unless they are going broke and need to change everything they've worked for)

Same as Revitalizing might be more useful to a self employed person than a business.

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